Mar/Apr 2016

Mar/Apr 2016

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While the tragedy of Flint, Michigan’s lead water is likely a mix of bad management, failing infrastructure, and racial politics, the event serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of what can happen when a city’s most basic resource fails.


Amoung the early 2016 headlines reported in ARTBA’s Washington Newsline, we hope this one grabbed your attention: “Highway Trust Fund Crisis Right Around Corner, New Study Shows.”


The Goals and Objectives Committee has expanded the scope for the Water, Municipal and Utilities Divisions, which will result in additional chapter activities and coordination with federal agencies involved in permitting and constructing water and wastewater facilities.


No, I am not cheering on my favorite sports team. This is the road map for the foreseeable future. The recent initiatives resulting in increased transportation funding are a win for TxDOT, a win for the contracting community, and a win for the citizens of Texas.


The term, ‘Safety Culture’ is widely used at companies, but not often understood.

Will Calame Sat out to finish college, with or without financial help. But, when he earned the AGC Scholarship, he admits that it made life easier.

Recent headlines traking the drop in oil prices may have cast some confusion over the state’s budget outlook and specifically, the impact on highway funding.

Increased funding for highway construction has caused the Texas Department of Transportation to raise several issues to ensure the money will be put to good use and contracts will be expedited as we address congestion and badly needed repairs.

Let me tell you about my first time attending an AGC meeting. I won’t disclose the names of the men who sent me (Mike and Gene Smith).

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